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Viewing warnings

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11-13-2012 09:48 AM

When i run my basic simulation, it says I have 6 warnings. And the I just sya continue. How do I view what these errors are?



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Re: Viewing warnings

11-13-2012 11:52 AM in reply to: vramacha

Welcome vramacha,


If the warnings occur during the actual solving, you can view the summary and log files from the "Report" tab. One of these files will include the warnings.


Running the simulation is usually involves three separate functions, either of which can generate a warning:

  1.  Generating the solid mesh (if it is a CAD model that has not yet been solid meshed). View the solid mesh results from "Mesh > Mesh > View Mesh Results".
  2. Creating/verifying the geometry. This step converts the input (a bunch of lines and graphic symbols that you created) to a format that the solver can understand (nodes, elements, etc). I think any warnings that occur in this stage are only viewable from the interface when they occur and you choose to view the warnings. Otherwise, you can browse to the design scenario folder where the model is stored and use Notepad to view one of the "Check Model" log files (DS.LDD or Group.LDX, see "File Extensions").
  3. Solving the analysis.
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