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Units Conversion - Convection Coefficient

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03-15-2010 07:21 AM
New user here.

Is there a built-in unit conversion calculator in Algor?

I am looking for a conversion of Convection Coefficient
from in·lbf/(s·°F·in^2) Aglor nomenclature to BTU/(s·in^2F) SolidWorks nomenclature

Well I walked away from the problem to take care of other business and when I came back I realized the denominator is the same so I simply need to convert in·lbf to Btu but it would be nice if there was a simple conversion calculator built into Algor. If it is there, I haven't found it. Edited by: JDMather on Mar 15, 2010 5:22 PM
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Re: Units Conversion - Convection Coefficient

03-16-2010 05:35 AM in reply to: JDMather

Autodesk Algor Simulation 2010 provides the ability to change the model display and data entry to reflect any number of pre-defined "Display Units", made available in the top left of Algor's model tree. To learn more about this feature, access "HELP|Index" and type "Units".

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