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Trying to read the normal stress

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04-12-2013 01:35 PM

Hi. I'm using Simulation multiphysics 2013. I am running an impact analysis in MES with nonlinear materials. I want to see the "normal stress" results of a node. Not Von Mises, Tresca, Principal or other. I only want to see the normal stress at a direction. My direction is not on the x, y and z axes. It is free. I used a new coordinate system, defined the X axes direction which i did the impact. So i thought i will be able to read the normal stress in x axes but i couldn't find the normal stress option in the results section. Does the stress tensor gives the normal stress value at that direction? In fact i know it doesn't but i need to hear an expert's idea.

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Re: Trying to read the normal stress

04-12-2013 03:48 PM in reply to: ramses061

The stresses XX, YY, and ZZ are normal stresses. (I forget the convention, but one character indicates the direction of the stress, and the other character represents the direction normal to the face.)


When a local coordinate system is activated (make sure that you have activated it!), the legend will indicate the stress direction in some fashion.

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