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Transient Stress (Direct Integration) for building blast design

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05-06-2013 08:22 AM

I am doing a building blast design FEA using Algor, linear transient stress (direct integration) solution. In the model, there are various surfaces with various pressures. Each surface has a magnitude pressure with a load curve (factor = 1). I want to make sure the loads are being applied correctly. Does anything need to be done or added in the analysis parameters section to use the load curves (i.e. in the dynamic load data tab)?


Also, has anyone used the linear transient stress (direct integration) method to design a building for blast loads? The only issue I have with this analysis type is that I know the building is going to exceed yield and deform plastically and strain hardening will take over. The linear transient stress does not account for this behavior.


I have done hand calcs using the ASCE design guide for a SDOF model representation.


Just kind of looking for some insight.

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