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Thin members, Plate Buckling, pressure gradient.

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10-10-2012 07:50 AM

I am looking for guidance and input on how the Mech. Sim. Suite improves Inventors ability to deal with thin members (usually struggles in Inventor basic simulation).  What about plate buckling?  In case it's not obvious where I'm headed... we deal with Ship/ hull forms and vessels.  Currently using another FEA, due to Inventors limits.  Would definately be a value to beable to keep the models under one roof!  Appreciate any feedback.



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Re: Thin members, Plate Buckling, pressure gradient.

10-10-2012 08:27 AM in reply to: ANDREWBARRON3887

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical is a powerful simulation software with the capability to create and analyze many different engineering elements such as plate / shell / beam / truss / bolt and joints.


These engineering elements will be  critical in simulating  Ship / hull forms and vessels. Below you can see 2 Links for customer success stories about our users in similar industries.


1)     http://www.algor.com/news_pub/cust_app/NAS_lift/default.asp


2)     http://www.algor.com/news_pub/cust_app/hodgdon_yachts/default.asp


Please let me knwo if you have any additional questions


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