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Terrible Performance

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04-20-2013 07:24 PM



I have a machine specced quite generously when bought, and I am surprised at how terrible the performance has been thus far with Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics 2013.


GPU: 5870 1GB

CPU: i7 920 4.0Ghz OC

RAM: 1600mhz 6gb DDR3 Tri Channel


although the ram is lacking by todays standards, simulation never uses more than 2gb worth... and I am lucky if I see cpu usage break 2%......


I haven't been able to find much if anything regarding a guide to workstation optimisation, and understand that multithreading may not be enabled with the package, but I should still at the very least be hitting 12% usage on the one core...


I have disabled hardward acceleration in a bid to improve performance, as I am under the impression the "Public" versions of cards have incompatible drivers to that of the work station variety. This change has made no difference in the performance I receive. 


Any help appreciated.




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