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Re: Surfaces will not contact...

06-06-2013 12:18 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE
Hi John,
Thanks for your reply. I am using version 18 (2005) of the software. I purchased it several years ago but did not get the chance to use it. I have now decided to use it as part of my design pipeline for product/machine design until I can afford to update it or purchase something better. One of the reasons why I bought it was for the?Multi-physics and MES capabilities as advertised by the previous developers. The reason for doing a full rotation is to demonstrate the power of the software to present and potential clients who use my services, - especially ?'non-technical' individuals. (I believe that engineering solutions should be made clear and simple so that they can be fully appreciated by all.)?

I want to do?a full analysis to determine the transient distribution in the pinion and the gear during a full rotation. ?Late last night (Wednesday, June 5), I discovered that I should have converted all the contact surfaces on the pinion to form a single solid Mesh?and then do the same for the gear.?( I believe that this is also one of your suggestions.) I also increased the Analysis Duration to 0.48 secs - the time taken to complete 2.4 revolutions at 300 rpm.?

After making those adjustments, the analysis would run for approximately 2 hrs and then crash. I am not sure what was causing it. I have tried to send the model 'ach' file to you but it was still too large. I have seen a written tutorial on the internet that is similar in some ways to what I want to achieve. Maybe you are familiar with it. Please?Go here

I will continue to try to solve this problem until I run out of options.

Thanks for your assistance,

Junior Brown
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