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Strange meshes

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09-08-2013 10:13 AM



I have a assembly with a very strange meshing result.

See the picture below.





There are two identical tubes at the front of the assembly. The left tube is meshed OK. The right one is a mess.

I'm meshing the tubes using solid meshing of type Bricks and Wedges (Layered mesh of thin parts).


When I use the Midplane meshing, the right tubes almost disappears. See picture below




The tubes are identical (extruded from one sketch in Inventor). Any idea what could be wrong??


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Re: Strange meshes

09-12-2013 04:20 AM in reply to: mechamania

Found the problem.

Somebody told me the problem could be that I extrude both tunes into one part.

When I make two separate parts for the two tubes, all is ok.