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Stability of a structure

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11-07-2012 08:17 PM


I'm about to build a model in ASM to help me examine the stability of a rubber tyred stacker. The stacker consists of a 24m long elevator attached to a 4 wheeled mobile platform.  The elevator can be raised or lowered at any angle.


I'm not interested in stresses or deflections in the structure, just the stability of the whole stacker with regard to overturning.  The model could be considered as a rigid body without a problem.


Can someone give me a heads up on the basic approach here?  I've never modeled this type of problem before.


I am imagining a block representing the 4 wheeled platform with 4 constraints to represent the 4 wheels.  The constraints would be given appropriate dof to allow the wheels to leave the ground.


A long rectangular tube could represent the 24m long elevator.  It could be pivoted at the end where it attaches to the 4 wheeled platform.


I would be changing the inclination of the whole model with respect to the ground until the wheels lift off representing rollover.


I could also enter various lateral or longitudinal accelerations representing the stacker doing various manouvres.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.