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'Smart' Bonding Problem

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10-08-2012 08:06 PM

We have noticed an issue with smart bonding not working as intended. Firstly in many models enabling this option just doesn't work i.e. has no effect on the model. In other cases it causes parts to 'fly off' in the opposite direction to loading.


In another repeatable case with accelerations enabled the reactions measured at boundary conditions did not add up. When turning off this option the results were as expected. I am not sure of the theory behind this method in ASM but does the equations use any form of damping (or not set to zero)? I know it shouldn't for static analysis but it couldn't just be a stiffness issue. The reactions we checked were at least an order of magnitude lower than calculated.


I can provide a sample model but it should be easy to check manually with a shell model. This is mainly a problem when the mesh is not refined enough to get imprinting to work. We either have to refine the mesh and/or split the surface to match the nodes (then turn smart bonding off).


Has anyone else had a problem with this?

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