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Run Time Error '91' Object Variable or With Block variable not set

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05-28-2013 12:40 AM

Dear All;


I am working on a model which was originally created in ADSK Simulation Multiphysics 2013 and migrated to 2014. 


After several simulation runs on this model with several save operations, I am receiving the run time error message, when I open the model or try to acess simulation parameters. I am also receiving the below message when I try to open parameters window.


Unable to Start Autodesk Simulation Global Parameters screen.


I came across another thread similar to this, recommending deletion of some registry key but that option does not seem to work specificly for 2014.


How can we debug this?


Best Regards...



Can Ozcan
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Re: Run Time Error '91' Object Variable or With Block variable not set

05-28-2013 01:46 PM in reply to: COzcan

Hi Can,


I do not know about this specific type of error, but something like it can occur when something has the model.dbf database file opened and locked. Other parts of the program cannot access it in such circumstances. For example, if a pip-up window gets "lost behind" the main window, you may not recognize that the model.dbf is locked. The solution would be to exit and software and reboot.


Otherwise, there is something wrong with the contents of the model.dbf file. Perhaps you could translate it to a text file ("Tools > Options > Database Translation") and check for odd text. Otherwise, my guess is that an illegal value got put into the database. For example, the number 6 may have been written for a drop-down box that only has 4 options (0 through 3), so the software doesn't know what to do with the "6". I think it would be too tedious to try to find which entry has the problem in this case and can only suggest that you delete the three files "my-model-name.ds_data\design scenario\ds.mod\model.*"

John Holtz, PE
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