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Ribbon content will not load

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05-29-2013 06:38 AM

Good morning all,


Fired up Simulation Mechanical 2013 this morning to errors saying my ribbon content can't be loaded. Reinstalled Simulation but did not help. Recently went from XP to Windows 7, but I know I've ran Simulation without any issues since then, so I'm not sure where this issue came from. I've been using Inventer without any issues. See attached error messages. Any ideas?





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Re: Ribbon content will not load

05-31-2013 11:05 AM in reply to: drpalo

Is it possible that your writes to the folder path are limited? It looks like the .xml file is storing information about how you have the ribbon setup.


My first suggestion is to use My Computer/Computer/Windows Explorer to check if that file (Algor State_en-US.xml) exists in the folder indicated. If it is there, can you open the file with Notepad? (Note that the AppData folder is probably hidden, so you either need to display the hidden folders or type the complete path up to and including AppData to get in.)


Next, try to create a new file in this folder. (Just right-click > New > Text Document".) What happens when you edit the file, type some text, and try to save it? Does that work?


The last suggestion would be to delete the .xml file (or better yet, rename it to something different in case you need to get the file back). I'm hoping the software will re-create the file if necessary.



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