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Result Contours -----> Settings----->Maximum Value

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09-19-2013 11:51 PM

Hello all!!!


I would like to know what is the importance of "Maximum Value" in Result Contours---->Settings-----> Maximum Value?....Sometimes I've got a Von-Mises Stress 4 times higher than Result Contours---->Settings-----> Reset to Default Settings....Shall I use this "maximum value" to compare to Code Allowables say ASME VIII....Or the "Reset to Default Settings" will suffice....I'm comparing to other FE softwares and found that "Reset Default Settings" value of Von Mises is within the acceptable range of value....I can't find this maximum value in other FE softwares.


Your help is highly appreciated....



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Re: Result Contours -----> Settings----->Maximum Value

09-20-2013 12:19 AM in reply to: tibor121774



I think that the Maximum Value command changes the smoothing function to Maximum while the Reset to Default Settings command changes it back to Mean. You can try this yourself via Results Contours > Settings > Smoothing Options and make sure the Results Contours > Settings > Smooth Results is activated. There seems to be a slight difference, I am not sure why.





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