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Python Scripting

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                   I want to transient temperature distribution finite element analysis. I have written a code in matlab and it is working fine. Now I want to implement it using a software on GPU. Instead of writing complex code, I want to implement this by using short and simple python coding through Autodesk simulation multiphysics. Is it possible to do so?? If not suggest me some methods for this simulation on GPU.



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Srikanth Madaka



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Re: Python Scripting

11-28-2012 11:23 AM in reply to: srikanth.madaka

 Hi Srikanth,


Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics 2013 (and all other previous versions) has an open file architecture, which was previously published in earlier versions of the software prior to Autodesk's acquisition of Algor.  This provided an API which would allow programmers using Visual Basic, C++ or Fortran to interact with the input and output files.  Although there is no formal interface created within the software to communicate directly with Python coding, one can use Python to perform these same actions.  It would not, however, be short nor simple as you hoped :smileysad:


There is one aspect of Simulation's Static Stress with Linear Material Models analysis that will take advantage of GPU processing, but this is only if it is an NVIDIA graphics card.  There is also no programming interface that allows interaction with the analysis processors.  For this reason, once the analysis has been initiated, one can only wait until it completes before interacting with the input or output files.


From your description, is seems as if your program calculates a temperature distribution.  If this is the case, then this distribution can be applied as input to a thermal analysis for which further propagation needs to be determine.  Or your temperatures distribution can be applied to a mechanical model then the thermal stress can be determined.


Feel free to provide mode details of what your application does and describe exactly what you would like to accomplish outside of your program.  I will then describe what can be accomplished using the Simulation software.


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