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Program for designing and simulating a bridge (with a load)

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02-12-2013 01:30 AM


As the title suggests, I am looking for the best program that I can use to design a bridge and then simulate a load on it.  For a school project we have to construct a bridge using only the available materials and all tools in the workshops. I cannot get new materaials even if I broke the originals.  It has to span a distance of 38cm.  Any way getting off topic, I don't want help with the actuall project itself but just ideas for a designing and simulating program I can use before I actually construct the real thing.

Thanks Heaps!

- Jabelone

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Re: Program for designing and simulating a bridge (with a load)

02-27-2013 07:41 AM in reply to: jmaye13

What type of materials are you limited to? what tools are available in your workshop to combine the materials to reach the desired span. What type of loading will the bridge experience? 

Also 38 cm seems like a small span for a bridge :-)


Simulation Mechanical is the ideal tool to simulate the loading (deadweight + cars/people+ wind or others like earthquake) on the bridge (assuming you will build it with several "beam", "truss", "plate" type elements. 



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