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Re: Problem with simulating concrete !!

01-05-2012 05:10 AM in reply to: 80DAVE



The error message arises due to failure by the processor to determine model constants from your input. Your parameters don't look right. An immediate clue is that the Young's modulus is the same as the bi-axial compressive strength and in the same order of other compressive strengths. This is unrealistic. The Young's modulus should be way higher than the compressive strengths (say 1000x). You'd better check your parameter resource.

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Re: Problem with simulating concrete !!

01-05-2012 06:17 AM in reply to: qzhu

To extend what qzhu said here, "units" is another thing that needs a double check.

The data units in ASIM dialog should be consistent with the value you input.


In your data, most of units are about "KN", but there are no units for Young's modulus and stresses in the stress-strain curve.



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