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Pressure loss

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02-23-2012 02:57 AM

Hello everybody,


I work on a process where air flows. I estimate the pressure loss in my system. But, in order to check my results, I try two different calculs with two different boundary conditions.


The first with weight flow and température of my fluid

The second with volumic flow and temperature of my fluid

The conversion weight/volumic is made thank to the density, so it's very simple.


To calculate the pressure loss, i use a summary plan that i put on the inlet surface. The results are very differents 1000Pa in the first case and 6000Pa in the second. Why? wich of these two results is the best?


Thank a lot!!!!

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Re: Pressure loss

12-19-2013 07:05 PM in reply to: n.jacky

Summary plane... Hmm... Are you using Simulation CFD? If so, then you might get a better answer from the neighbouring forum. You might also want to attach a .cfz support file so that it is easier for people to troubleshoot. Sometimes, it takes a familiar eye to spot the miniscule detail that makes the difference. Life is never so simple.




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