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One part is analyzed as (2) parts that share the same space

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05-23-2013 02:18 PM

I made an inventor model (2012)  with an ipart I found on the web.  After I cleaned up my inventor model, I uploaded it to Simulation (2012) and performed a solid mesh.  Solid mesh failed; so I reverted to a plate mesh.  The model solved, BUT it is treating my iPart as (2) parts!  The only thing I can find is that Simluation takes the member to have 2x the amount of surfaces then it actually has.  I revisited my inventor model and I have not found any duplicate parts, just the one iPart.  Is there a way to address this issue?  Does Simulation have a "model merge" feature that eliminates "parts INSIDE of other parts?"  Has anyone experienced a similar failure?




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Re: One part is analyzed as (2) parts that share the same space

05-24-2013 08:38 AM in reply to: lemensk

Hi Kenny,


When you did the "plate" mesh, do you mean a midplane mesh? My guess is that you literally used the Plate/Shell mesh, so what you did is create plate elements on the "outside face" of the solid and on the "inside face" of the solid.


For example, a solid model of a simple rectangular slab (something thin and large in the other 2 dimensions) has 6 faces.

  • If you mesh it using the Solid mesh option, the 6 faces are meshed, and then the volume is filled with solid elements.
  • If you use the Midplane mesh option, the result is one surface located at the mid-thickness of the slab.
  • If you use the Plate/Shell option, the 6 faces are meshed, resulting is 6 plate elements. Unless you are making a hollow box, this is normally wrong for a solid model. The Plate/Shell option is normally used with a surface model.

Also see the page "Model Mesh Settings" in the wiki help.

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