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node position accuracy

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05-14-2013 01:30 AM



I have a result file with the XYZ coordiantes of the nodes, like this:


Node # 9 ( X = 508.198, Y = 110.16, Z = -4052.31 )
    Displaced Position : X = 508.198, Y = 110.16, Z = -4052.31
    Displacement = DX: 0.000241976, DY: -0.000159354, DZ: -0.00506048, Magnitude: 0.00506877
     Current Result Value: 5.068766307e-003 mm


I would like to know the XYZ coordinatey more accurate, so in a form like this:


Node # 9 ( X = 508.198XXXXX, Y = 110.16YYYYYY, Z = -4052.31ZZZZZZ )


Is it possible to change this accuracy?



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Re: node position accuracy

05-14-2013 07:02 PM in reply to: EnderPearl



I am not aware of any method to change the precision of the numbers in the "Inquire Results". I presume you tried the three file formats: the .csv, the .out, and placing the results into the report. (I don't recall the terminology, and I am too lazy to open the software at the moment.)


The node coordinates are in the "Nodes.dbf" file in double precision (15 or 16 digits). Search the message board for "database translation" to find numerous posts that discuss accessing the databases.


You might want to describe what you are doing that you want the coordinates to a higher precision. Perhaps someone will have another suggestion when we know what you are doing.

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