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Meshing issues

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08-22-2013 05:34 AM

Hi there !


I'm working on a dam model and I'm stuck on an issue I've never seen before.


I made my model wich perfectly works on Simulation 14, no meshing troubles, results ok, ...


But I have to perform an other thermal analysis on this model, and it requires to split some surfaces in order to apply different thermal boundary conditions.

So I did the design operation on Inventor Fusion 2013 and re-imported the model in Simulation 14.

Now the surface meshing is still working, but when I launch the 3D meshing (first step of the analysis process), the programm is still trying to close "remaining voids".

I precise that this model is perfectly similar to the other one. The only difference is this "face cuting"operation on Inventor.


I also tried to separate this component in two distinct pieces, but it doesn't work neither.

Is somedy able to give me a hand ?


Thank you.



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