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Meshing Error

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12-19-2012 06:54 AM



I am trying to mesh something it is a decent size model, but nothing too out of the ordinary.


I keep getting this error on several models,





I have also gotten some system errors before while trying to mesh it, at the same point when it tries to verify the mesh


I am just trying to put on a surface mesh and seems to mesh fine but when it tries to verify the mesh I get this error.


This model does have a large amount of cyclic symmetry surfaces ~400 pairs wondering if this is the issue? but I have tried turning that off to see if it would mesh without luck.


I will add that there is no way i am running out of memory as the system i am running it on has 48GB of Ram and the model has an element size of less than 800,000 elements


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated


Thank you

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