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mesh control

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03-28-2012 06:55 AM



Is there a  way to control the mesh size at surface level or edge level without using refinement points.

For example take a cube and I would like to have one mesh size(say fine) on one face and a different mesh size(coarse) on other are aof interest lies on the fac with fine mesh.



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Re: mesh control

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That capability is in the newest version of Mechanical, which either released yesterday or tomorrow. (If tomorrow is the release date, then I cannot tell you due to government regulations that surface- and edge-based mesh refinement is in the software. You never know what feature may get pulled from the final product at the last second. :smileywink:)


P.S. The new versions are Mechanical 2013 and Multiphysics 2013. Autodesk always releases a new major version around this time.


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