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Membrane elements in 3D simulation

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06-04-2013 12:01 PM



I'm trying to model a fabric covered foam part using LSS. In order to model the fabric, which is orthotropic, I'm assuming I need to use membrane elements.


I have been trying to use membrane elements by copying the line elements on the outer surface, duplicating them and generating a new part, which I define as membrane elements. Is this valid?
Using this method I have yet to find success orienting the elements. I set the normal point for the elements, however after I run the simulation the normal point is consistently reset to (0,0,0) and all my element axes are incorect. 

 I also tried to model the fabric seperately and then creat membrane elements, however they default to brick elements when I generate the mesh.

Any suggestions for modelling an orthotropic fabric coating?


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