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Material Library Manager: damping value - where is this used?

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08-13-2013 06:55 PM

When I select a material in the Material Library Manager, "damping" is one of the available entries under General Properties. For what type of analysis would the material's damping be used?



Don C.

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Re: Material Library Manager: damping value - where is this used?

09-26-2013 02:01 PM in reply to: DonaldR.Culp7481

Hi Don,


This is material damping used in MES analyses.  Typically, this value is left as zero, unless physical testing has been performed to determine this value, then it is still very small, such as ~"0.05".  I think this correlates to "Tangential damping" is described in research articles I have previously read.


Just confirmation that it is best to leave as zero unless you know otherwise :-)



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