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Loads from file - ASCII XYZ

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04-04-2013 10:24 AM

I am attempting to transfer nodal reaction forces from one .fem to another using an ASCII XYZ results file. I know that everything is working properly because I am able to see and verify several of the loads that are correctly applied to nodes.


The problem is with the mesh geometry and the coordinate tolerance of 1E-6 associated with using an ASCII XYZ file. Although the mesh size is the same between the files and the mesh geometry looks similar, the vast majority of the nodes do not meet the tolerance specification and are therefore ignored, causing my loading to be incorrect.


Is there a way to reduce the tolerance limit so that the reaction forces are applied to nodes which have coordinates that are merely very close, rather than exact? Else, is there a way to tell the mesher that nodes must be created at the coordinates from the XYZ file?


Thanks for the help.