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04-26-2013 02:39 PM



I am still using Algor V22 I purchased shortly before Autodesk purchased Algor.  I just replaced the hard drive in the Workstation that I currently for Algor V22.  When rehosting the license I get an error during the license download stating that rehosting is disabled.  I've legally purchased and own this copy of Algor and obviously throughout the years I have had to reinstall it due to computer or just hard drive upgrades.


In the past rehosting worked fine.  Once or twice I had to send a message via email to my Algor support person to rehost the license.  Here is the catch this time, AUTODESK HAS SEEMED TO COMPLETELY SHUT OFF ALL SUPPORT FOR LEGACY ALGOR PRODUCTS.  I CAN NO LONGER FIND ANY CONTACT INFORMATION.


I looked into upgrading the software a short time ago and I am certainly in no position to pay the $5000+ my dealer quoted me for the upgrade to Autodesk Simulation Mechanical.  This software has been working fine for me and besides, Laws of Physics have not changed since I purchased this software.  Desperately need help.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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