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Interface Crashed, Solver Still Running

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03-10-2013 10:11 AM

An MES analysis was running when the interface crashed but the solver did not. I opened the Simulation environment again hoping it would reconnect to the solver but this did not happen. Is there a way to get them to start communicating again so that I can view the results?

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Re: Interface Crashed, Solver Still Running

03-10-2013 06:19 PM in reply to: cthomas

Hi CT,


By "results", I presume you mean the contours that you view in the Results environment. In situations where the analysis is running but the interface is not open (such as in your situation, or if running the analysis from a command window), you can view the results as follows:

  1. Start Autodesk Simulation Mechanical/Multiphysics.
  2. Use the "File > Open" command, change the "File of Type" to "results", and open the model. This opens the model directly in the Results environment.
  3. On the "Results Contours > Load Case Options" panel, click "Automatic Advance". The results will update as they become available.

Likewise, if you go to a previous time step while the analysis is running, the "Automatic Advance" will turn off. You can click it (activate it) to resume the automatic updatingof the results.


Another type of "result" that is useful to watch is the convergence log file. I do not know of any way to connect to it so that it updates automatically. Instead, you can open the file DS.ALG with Notepad periodically to see what is occuring in the analysis. (All of the DS files are located in the folder "name of my model.ds_data\design scenario number".)



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