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I have no option to run DDAM analysis in my Algor software

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11-10-2012 12:50 PM

I'm running ALGOR, FEMPRO V23.1. Any idea why I don't have the DDAM analysis option in my analysis types list? Is it only in newer verisions of the software?

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Re: I have no option to run DDAM analysis in my Algor software

11-13-2012 11:06 AM in reply to: cwbachmann

Hi cwbachmann,


My guess is that you did not purchase the package that includes DDAM. If my memory is correct, there are 25 different analysis types in the complete software. I do not remember what was included in what packages, but my guess is that DDAM is not the only analysis type that you do not have access to. Is that correct?


 Another check is to edit the license file. Going off of memory again, I think the license file would list DDAM if it were included in the license.

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