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How can I apply high temperature moving to welding path at each node easily?

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10-18-2012 11:27 PM



My customer wants to know a easy way how to simulate thermal stress analysis for weldment.

I think this is multiphysics problem.

First run heat transfer analysis.

The general way is to put heat generation or temperature with load curve at every each node considering with welding speed and welding direction.

For example, put max. temperature on a node at time zero and min. temperature after pass some time.

And repeat again.

It is very bored.

And then we can run stress analysis with heat transfer results for thermal stress analysis for weldment.


My question is 

welding is speed and direction.

Speed is not important problem.

weldment material also is not important problem.

However how can I apply high temperature moving to welding path at each node easily?


Please let me konw any good idea for this.

Thanks and regards,



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