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Grasshopper import

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02-25-2014 12:34 PM

Anyone have experience bringing in complex geometry from Grasshopper (Rhino) to Sim Mechanical?  I have a structure we're generating in Grasshopper made of panels on beams.  The beams are all different orientations and varying lengths.  There are also connection parts at the nodes where several beams meet.


I am looking for a workflow to bring them to Sim Mechanical in so I can calculate structural stresses due to wind pressure on the panels.


Ideally I would also be able to use the same panel geometry in Sim CFD to predict the wind loads.   But I may be willing to tackle that separately.


I have tried exporting as lines in a DXF and making a beam model, but I don't know an automated way to do the beam orientations, and there's hundreds of them.


It seems like exporting hundreds of solids from Grasshopper would be a meshing mess?


I am open to ideas. Thanks in advance.


(edit: We use Inventor for most CAD work.  Using Rhino in this case due to Grasshopper generative design capabilities.  Am open to workflows with or without Inventor.)



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