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Geometry Errors

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10-07-2010 05:41 AM

When I try to run a  3-D beam analysis, I get this "Geometry Error":


  In working on FEM file or outputting ESH file
  Terminal Error: FEM2ESH#59, FEMAPI#3


Does anybody know how to fix this?







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Re: Geometry Errors

10-07-2010 07:03 AM in reply to: kirk.klinger

In my machine, there are lots of things missed in your model.

I'm not sure the reason.


When I try to set them with some general input, I found there is no geometry information for part 3.

Please check with this.


You can either delete it or disable it if part 3 is not needed. Maybe this will fix your "geometry error".



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Re: Geometry Errors

10-07-2010 12:00 PM in reply to: kirk.klinger

When you made model to using 1D element there was a problem correctly creating them as elements. So they showed up as lines, looked OK but lack of elements which is the error message trying to tell. This problem will be fixed.


Right now you can use a trick as workaround: move whole thing to some where in FEAeditor and then move them back, i.e. select whole part as lines, then right click mouse and pick up "Move or Copy"... menu, then give a distance or just use the default 1. Then move whole thin back again by using same menu with a negative distance. Then these operations will likely make the 1D element data available, model will be ok.




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