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FEA errors or Warning Message from SIM MECH 2014

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03-25-2014 08:43 AM



I am receiving a FEA error message from SIM MECH 2014:



 Autodesk (R) Simulation Natural Frequency (Modal)
 Version 2014.01.00.0025-W64/X64 26-Jul-2013
 Copyright (c) 2013, Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

                          DATE: MARCH 25, 2014               
                          TIME: 04:37 PM
                   INPUT MODEL: C:\Users\ANALYSIS\Desktop\LAVORO TPJ\Progetti Mechanical Simulation\SKID_A_B.ds_data\2\ds

                    PROGRAM VERSION: 201401000025
            alg-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201401000025
       agsdb_ar-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201401000025
      algconfig-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201401000025
 solvercallback-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201401000025
               amgsolve.exe VERSION:    360000000

 **** Model Unit System Settings:
       Unit System              : Personalizzato
       Force                    : N
       Length                   : mm
       Time                     : s
       Temperature (Absolute)   : deg C (K)
       Thermal Energy           : J
       Voltage                  : V
       Current                  : A
       Electrical Resistance    : ohm
       Mass                     : N*s^2/mm

1**** CONTROL INFORMATION                        
      number of node points          (NUMNP)   =        376892
      number of element types        (NELTYP)  =           158
      number of load cases           (LL)      =             1
      number of frequencies          (NF)      =             5
      analysis type code             (NDYN)    =             1
      equations per block            (KEQB)    =             0
      bandwidth minimization flag    (MINBND)  =            -1
      gravitational constant         (GRAV)    =    9.8146E+03
      number of equations            (NEQ)     =       2134242

 **** Part     1: plate (shell) elements
Error occurred with module: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Simulation 2014\srunx.exe



The model has been created from two separate model including them in a new file, do you have an idea to solve the problem?


I tryied to "suppress" any parts step by step but the model does not work.



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Re: FEA errors or Warning Message from SIM MECH 2014

03-26-2014 06:58 AM in reply to: MAURIZIO_TPJ



Based on the line before the error message, your model is crashing the software when Part 1 is being loaded or when the next part is being loaded. If you have a natural frequency analysis (modal) that does run successfully, you can look at the log file from that analysis. Is the line in the log file after the line "Part 1: ssssssssss elements" refering to part 1 or the next part? It probably says "X number of elements" in which case you know that it crashed while working on part 1, or it will say "Part N: ssssssss elements" which is still ambiguous whether it crashed on part 1 or the next.


Other than that, it is hard to know what caused the crash. Obviously, take a look at the input for part 1 and the next part to make sure the input is correct. I suggest that you look at the input while using the "Model" unit system; that is, your personal unit system that you created. Or maybe you want to use the Metric (SI) units to check the input?

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Re: FEA errors or Warning Message from SIM MECH 2014

03-26-2014 09:21 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE



many thanks for your promt answer.


I tried to duplicate Part 1 as a new part and delete the old one, I have the same problem on Part 2.

If you do the same on Part 2, the problem appears on Part 3 and so on.


Moreover I have translated the data base to Csv files and I have noted the Part 12012 in Element file...but in the model that part does not exist!!!


I need to solve this problem asap; I know that a possible way is to build new model but it takes too much time.


if useful for investigation, at below address you can find the archive of the analyzed model.