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FEA Cycle Limit

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10-08-2012 02:24 PM

I'm asking this question on behalf of someone looking for software that will support FEA cycles of 10 million or greater. Is there a limitation on the amount of cycles that this software can run with FEA? SolidWorks has a limitation of 10 million or so, and I was wondering if Autodesk is the same.

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Re: FEA Cycle Limit

10-09-2012 07:39 AM in reply to: NathanJMc

This 1e7~1e8 cycle limit is a Fatigue analysis concept. Usually, in fatigue analysis, we assume a life longer than 1e7~1e8 means "never failed". For example, 1e9 and 5e7 make no difference in fatigue analysis, for both of them mean your part is never failed. Sometimes, this limit is 1e7 or 5e7.

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