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Error - number of LHS in a MPC over range (ID= 0)

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12-17-2012 07:31 AM

I ran into this error and I am not sure exactly what it means.  I recieve this error almost immediately after I start running the simulation.  I was wondering what LHS means and if someone could give me an explanation of the error.  Also,  I would like to know what could be done to fix the model.




Here is the ds.l file text.


 Autodesk (R) Simulation Static Stress with Linear Material Models  Version 2012.01.00.0017-W64/X64 15-Jun-2011  Copyright (c) 2011, Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

 **** Memory Dynamically Allocated = 8354502 KB

 **** Model Unit System Settings:       --------------------------------------------        Unit System              : English (in)        Force                    : lbf        Length                   : in        Time                     : s        Temperature (Absolute)   : deg F (R)        Thermal Energy           : in*lbf        Voltage                  : V        Current                  : A        Electrical Resistance    : ohm        Mass                     : lbf*s^2/in       --------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------                           DATE: DECEMBER 17, 2012                                       TIME: 08:55 AM                    INPUT MODEL: C:\_Vault\Designs\Eng\R & D\Algor Models\Barrel Pad\Barrel Pad2.ds_data\1\ds

               PROGRAM VERSION: 201201000017        alg-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201201000017   agsdb_ar-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201201000017  algconfig-win-x64.dll VERSION: 201201000017           algsolve.exe VERSION: 201201000017           amgsolve.exe VERSION:    360000000   -------------------------------------------------

      Structural                                                   1**** CONTROL INFORMATION                                                                                 number of node points          (NUMNP)   =        170635       number of element types        (NELTYP)  =            36       number of load cases           (LL)      =             1       number of frequencies          (NF)      =             0       analysis type code             (NDYN)    =             0       equations per block            (KEQB)    =             0       bandwidth minimization flag    (MINBND)  =            -1       gravitational constant         (GRAV)    =    3.8640E+02       number of equations            (NEQ)     =       1012200

 **** PRINT OF NODAL DATA SUPPRESSED               **** PRINT OF EQUATION NUMBERS SUPPRESSED        Error.        number of LHS in a MPC over range (ID=     0)


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Re: Error - number of LHS in a MPC over range (ID= 0)

12-17-2012 01:17 PM in reply to: mschroepfer



LHS usually stands for "Left Hand Side", as in the terms on the left side in the matrix of equations being solved as oppose to the terms in the matrix on the right hand side. So I think this is of no help.


MPC stands for Multi-point constraints. The processor thinks that your model includes MPCs, but it did not find something. My guess is that "ID=0" means that there are no multi-point constraint equations, or the software thinks there is at least one equation but it has no terms in the equation.


Check under "Setup > Constraints > Multi-Point Constraints" to see if it is either blank because you do not want any MPCs, or that it is setup properly if you do want MPCs.


Next, there are various features that use MPCs in the solution. So if your analysis includes any of these, check that those item are setup properly:

  • cyclic symmetry
  • frictionless constraints
  • smart bonding


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