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Error in CFD analysis

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02-08-2011 08:40 AM



I made a steady-state CFD analysis. The model is just the volume of air around a turbine.

I couldn't use a Tetrahedra and wedges (boundary layer) mesh. So I used a tetrahedra mesh.

I did'nt have any error in this analysis.


I wanted to realize a transient analysis so I just modified the analysis parameter but I have this error.


Do you have anay Idea?





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Re: Error in CFD analysis

03-17-2011 06:15 AM in reply to: damien.bordet

Hi, Damien


From your attached log file, it can't judge the exact reason for the error.

Possible reason is incorrect boundary condition applied. please check following items or attach you archive model.

a. Simulation domain,  make sure solid parts were excluded

b. Boundary condition, such as velocity, pressure BCs, rotating BC has to be applied to real rotating surfaces only.

c. mesh. Without boundary mesh, the coarse tetrahedral mesh may block the flow in narrow clearance.




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CFD volume mesh error

10-24-2012 01:45 PM in reply to: Joey.X



I am running a natural ventilation analysis in Simulation 360 on a revit import. When I import the model from Revit I can generate a mesh from this, no problem. However, if I add an external volume from the CFD software to the model the volume mesh fails and cancels the analysis. Has anyone else run into this?




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