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Error #462 Cloud or Local simulation

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12-17-2013 02:44 PM

Hi all,


I am trying to learn how to use Simulation Mechanical to help design parts with bolted connections. I have a simple asssembly with 2 pieces, A square shell and and rectangular soilid that both have 2 bolt holes that align. The solid is nested within the shell. I am trying to simulate the pieces being bolted together, the holes on the solid are tapped. I have a surface contact between them. I used the bolted connection wizard and choose the head surface, interior surface, and tight fit surface. I then use the drop test wizard to set up a drop simulation. I have never gotten a simulation to finnish I keep getting


Error # 462 was generated by Analyzer

The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable

Line Number: 100



This error happens regardless of if I run the simulation localaly or on the cloud. 

Any help would be appriciated. 



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