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Drucker - Prager Material Definition

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08-06-2013 11:24 PM

Good morning everyone.


I would like to run a simulation of earth under influence of gravity. For this I made a simple model in the shape of a cuboid first.

I run a simulation with nonlinear material behaviour and an elastic isotropic material to check if the constraints are correct. This simulation runs without any problems.

Next I changed the setup of the element definition to Drucker - Prager and used a self-defined material model (material model was set to Drucker - Prager).

This model does not converge.


I suspect the error in the material properties due to the fact I have not changed anything else.

Sadly I do not know which material properties are absolute necessary to input. For this I tried some different values but no combination worked.

(I remeshed the model but this does not help either.)

A quick look into summary and log reports showed no errors. The convergence was just not reached in time.


Maybe someone has experience with Drucker-Prager analysis or could tell me some material properties which should work?

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Re: Drucker - Prager Material Definition

08-07-2013 01:09 AM in reply to: fischer.2

Attached you can find my simulation if needed.

(I was not able to upload the archive of the simulation so I uploaded a zip - file.

I hope this does work too.)