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Displacement results

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10-12-2012 04:25 AM

I have a model with transient displacement results ranging from 1e-6 to 1e-27 over time.  I am wanting to producing an animation, but it is not clear to see these changes as the legend changes with each time step and the range is too big to fix the scale.  Does anyone know anyway of displaying a log of the displacement magnitude or how I could I export the data (and model) to display in log form in alternative software (no idea which software though). 


I have tried creating a custom result of the log10 of the displacement, but this won't display using either ribbons or switching to traditional view.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Displacement results

10-12-2012 09:02 AM in reply to: westyRF

Hi westyRF,


From the "Results Options > Other > Tools > Nodal Results Translator", you can output the displacement results to a comma separated value file (.CSV), then use a spreadsheet to convert the displacements to log values. Before converting the CSV file back to the binary format that Simulation Mechanical can read, be sure to make a backup copy of your original results (DS.DO2 or DS.DO4 depending on the analysis type and my memory :-).


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