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Crazy Weight Capacity?!

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01-11-2013 12:31 PM

Is this right or am I simulating things wrong...? It says theVon Mises  stress is under 60,000 psi which is about the ultimate tensile strength of 1020 steel. Does this mean that with this 7.8 million pound load the thing will not break? 7.8 Million LBS.JPG

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Re: Crazy Weight Capacity?!

01-12-2013 07:56 AM in reply to: isaacc



For me, it is very hard to judge the fidelity of the analysis as there is not much information on the geometrical size of the model itself. As the model gets bigger/thicker, I'm pretty sure that it will be able to take up more load without failing.


Regardless, if you find that your model is behaving too stiff or deforming abnormally, consider these options:

1. Depending on the element count across the thickness, i.e. if you only have 1 element across, then you might want to activate the midside nodes, especially if you are using tetrahedral elements.

2. Since the material has already passed its yield stress, I think using a bilinear material model would give a more accurate representation of the deformation.

3. Use MES and large deformation formulation.