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Copy Saved Presentations when copying Design Scenerio

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12-11-2013 07:52 AM

I've created a design scenerio and saved presentations in the results tab with specific elements hidden. Now I'd like to copy the design scenerio and have those saved presentation come with it.


When I do the copy, with the presentations saved with model, they do not copy. When I copy the design scenerio with the presentaions sved to system, they show up, but the elements I had hidden are shown.


The purpose of the saved presentatons are for taking screenshots for the report. There are three diferent types of components in the model and each have a different allowable stress. to make it more complicated, each component has a different allowbable stress dependant on where the elements are (Near discontinuities for example).


So I need to take a screen shot showing the allowable stress is met in each case (12 in total) and I need to do this for multiple design scenerios of the same model with different loading. Idealy I would create my base design scenerio, run it, create the saved presentations, then copy the design scenerio, run the new design scenerio and have the saved presentations show up with the previously hidden elemnts hidded accordingly in each instance.


I can't be the only person struggling with automating the reporting of results. What are your workflows? Is there a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish? 

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