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Cloud Job Error

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09-29-2013 01:53 PM

When running an Analysis job on the cloud, I get the following error:

 Autodesk (R) Simulation Static Stress with Linear Material Models
 Version 2014.01.15.0033-W64/X64 15-Aug-2013
 Copyright (c) 2013, Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

 Error: unexpected analysis type ( 1), wrong design scenario?

Cloud submission started: 09-29-2013 22:51:34
Cloud submission finished: 09-29-2013 22:53:28
Total Cloud elapsed time: 2 minutes, 53 seconds

Job failed



When doing a ''Check Model'' I get the following message:


fem2esh - Make esh file from fem file for a specified design scenario
Version 2014.00.15.0190-W64/X64 21-May-2013
Copyright (c) 2013, Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

  Version of fem2esh.exe          : 2014.00150190
  Version of dcx1-win-x64.dll     : 2014.00150190
  Version of femapi-win-x64.dll   : 2014.00150190
  Version of agsdb_ar-win-x64.dll : 2014.00150190
  Version of tsx2tsy.exe          : 2014.00150190

  Input Model     : E:\VM1\Machine\Upright\Upright8\upr8_TripleUpright_Simulation_1.ds_data\1\ds
  Input File      : E:\VM1\Machine\Upright\Upright8\upr8_TripleUpright_Simulation_1.fem
  Output File     : E:\VM1\Machine\Upright\Upright8\upr8_TripleUpright_Simulation_1.ds_data\1\ds.mod\group.esh
  Log File        : E:\VM1\Machine\Upright\Upright8\upr8_TripleUpright_Simulation_1.ds_data\1\ds.mod\group.ldx
  Design scenario : 1
  Analysis type   : Linear Stress
  Start time      : 2013/09/29-22:43:44  

  --- Get 93 active element parts in range [1, 93] from fem file
  --- 2 enabled L&C groups are defined
  --- Get 658806 points defined in range [1, 658806] from fem file
  Calling the Surface Topology Generator (tsx2tsy)...
  tsx2tsy: Update part surface contact/bonding data (duration=4 sec.)
  Making interior points for midside nodes...
  --- Made 377353 interior points for midside nodes
  Set up nodal properties such as admissible BC etc. by adjacent elements...

  In working on FEM file for a FEA model
  Terminal Error: FEM2ESH#63
    NO_3D_ELEMENT: please check meshing phase 10


I do not know what "meshing phase 10" means, and how to check it.

The meshing went OK without error, so I do not understand it.


What is wrong here?

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Re: Cloud Job Error

10-02-2013 09:27 AM in reply to: mechamania

I've had issues like this before, and I've had decent results just by deleting the mesh and running it again.  I had a terminal error that happened on a model that I had run and meshed previous and only changed a load.

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