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can any one tell what this error means

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10-30-2012 11:04 AM

forrtl: severe (38): error during write, unit 14, file U:_3_2_stp.ds_data\1\ds.t14
Image PC Routine Line Source
srunx.exe 0000000140822288 Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 000000014081D159 Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 00000001407D7CED Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 00000001407BE867 Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 00000001407BE131 Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 000000014077FFC0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 00000001401C9543 ET08 433 et08.for
srunx.exe 000000014009CD8C THREEDX 118 threedx.for
srunx.exe 0000000140173CFA ELTYPE 83 eltypgc.for
srunx.exe 000000014015205E PHASE1S 499 wmaingc.for
srunx.exe 00000001401A250D MAIN__ 523 ssapx.for
srunx.exe 00000001409900AC Unknown Unknown Unknown
srunx.exe 000000014080560F Unknown Unknown Unknown
kernel32.dll 0000000076BE652D Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 0000000076F6C521 Unknown Unknown Unknown




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Re: can any one tell what this error means

10-30-2012 02:53 PM in reply to: madg1

Hi Madg1,


It is a general FORTRAN error which doesn't mean too much. If you have not tried running the analysis again, please do so in case the error is random.


About the only things that can be gleemed from the error are the following:

  • first line. DS.T14 is a temporary file used to -- store temporary information during the solving. Since there was an error writing to it, it could be a disk space problem or a "random" glitch (the file was still open a split second longer than normal and caused a problem when trying to write more data to it)
  • first line. what is the name of the file? "U:_3_2_stp" or "_3_2_stp"? If the filename is "U:_3_2_stp", I was not aware that you could use the ":" character in the filename. Perhaps FORTRAN is having a problem with that. If the name is "_3_2_stp" and "U:" is the drive, it should work as long as U: is a local drive. If it is a network drive, that could be a problem for the FORTRAN code. I would not expect the "_" character at the beginning of the filename to be a problem, but that would be something else to check.
  • third line. SRUNX is related to one of the linear stress analysis types. If the problem is repeatable, try changing the type of solver. This is set under "Setup > Model Setup > Parameters > Solution" tab (depending on the analysis type.)

It might be helpful to know when the problem occurs; that is, what are the lines in the log file immediately preceeding the FORTRAN error. Linear stress goes through several processes (programs and subroutines), so you may be able to bypass a problem if you know when it occurs.

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