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Boundary Conditions

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02-07-2013 07:33 AM

Could You please any help me


I Have a ropeway car frame model (beam elements)


I am not sure respect How apply boundary condictions between roller and track rope.


Simplifying the disegn, I have not considered the roller contact, only bearing contact in the roller shaft.  What might be the traslations and rotation in the shaft of the rollers?


Considerering the normal forces between roller and track rope, How can I apply the boundary condictions?


add picture




Juan Johnson

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Re: Boundary Conditions

02-07-2013 07:11 PM in reply to: jjohnson

Hi Juan,


Here are my suggestions:

  1. Create a local coordinate system aligned to the x and y axes shown in your free body diagram.
  2. Assign points A, B, and F1 to the local coordinate system.
  3. Set Ty at points A and B. The solution will give the reaction forces FA and FB.
  4. Set Tx at point F1. The solution will give the force required in the rope F1.

If you are working a 2D model, you can restrain the other nodes in the "z" direction.


By the way, what are you trying to calculate with your model?

John Holtz, PE
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Re: Boundary Conditions

02-08-2013 05:22 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE
Thank you John This is the application (add picture and algor file beam elements) Best regards Juan David ----------- La informaci?n adjunta es exclusiva para la persona a la cual se dirige este mensaje, la cual puede contener informaci?n confidencial y/o material privilegiado. Cualquier revisi?n, retransmisi?n, diseminaci?n o uso del mismo, as? como cualquier acci?n que se tome respecto a la informaci?n contenida, por personas o entidades diferentes al prop?sito original de la misma, es ilegal. Si usted recibe este mensaje por error, favor notif?queme y elimine este material. Gracias. ? ? ?