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Bolted plates with surface to surface contact - friction activated

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11-27-2012 02:02 AM

Good day,

I would like to ask the following question:
my goal is to derive the forces acting on a bolt that holds two plates together.
In a simple model I put together two steel plates (brick) joined with a bolt preloaded. I applied a surface contact between the plates, I fixed a plate and I applied a horizontal force on the other plate.
The preload on the bolt is very high and the coefficient of friction is such as to generate a resistance greater than the force applied this should prevent the sliding between the plates and the bolt should not be stressed in shear.
The results show instead a shear force on the bolt equal to the force applied.
The analysis is of the "linear satic stress" type
I made a mistake or forgot to set some parameter?


Thanks in advance.

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