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Blast Analysis

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09-30-2011 08:24 AM

Hi All,


I am fairly new to simulator 2011.

I am trying to simulate the effect of a blast on a simple flat panel

I am trying to restrain the rectangular panel by the holes (for bolts) in the four corners and then applying a pressure on the face that is to be effected. However how can i apply a time to the loading so as to simulate a blast over a period of say 0.1 seconds.

would this be done in dynamic simulation

Grateful for any advice



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Re: Blast Analysis

10-03-2011 06:34 AM in reply to: jamesdowner

Hi James,


It surely can be done. To answer your technical question, you can define a load curve for the pressure loading. One way to define it is just click on the load curve on the pressure definition dialogue. You can define the load curve to an appropriate pressure-time function, say sinusoidal, triangular, etc.


However, it should be noted that MES is an implicit dynamic FEA, which is not generally known to be highly effective for blast type of simulations. It is more suitably being simulated by an explicit dynamic FEA and the whole simulation usually lasts much less than 0.1 second you mentioned.




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