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Bi Linear Material Property

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01-07-2014 05:33 AM



Can any one please help me to assign Bi Linear Material Property in Autodesk Multiphysics 2012.


For an analysis, I need to assign bi linear material property for Aluminum, how should I do that?


Should I go for Static Stress with linear material model or non linear analysis


Thanks in advance


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Re: Bi Linear Material Property

01-07-2014 05:51 AM in reply to: sriramsheval


Hi Sriram,


Anything that is not perfectly linear requires the analysis type of "Nonlinear > X". You can use static stress with nonlinear materials but only if your model is statically stable in all conditions throughout the analysis. Otherwise, use MES with nonlinear materials because the inertia (mass) adds a degree of stability that static stress lacks.


Then, use the Element Definition for the nonlinear parts to choose the material model. I assume you want an elastic-plastic material model for your analysis in order to see how the aluminum yields. If so, you want to use the material model "von Mises with ____ hardening".


Now for the clarification :smileyhappy:. Contact is not a pure linear solution, but it can be solved in linear stress using an iterative approach. That is the only "nonlinear" aspect to linear stress that I can think of.

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Re: Bi Linear Material Property

01-07-2014 06:41 AM in reply to: AstroJohnPE

Hi John,


Thanks for your reply,


I just checked on the options, what you said.


I found 4 options under "von Mises with (isotropic, kinematics... Etc)____ hardening".


I will Google about these options and let me select a suitable one.


For Further clarification will get back to you


Thanks Again :smileyhappy:

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