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Applying Loads to A Beam

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12-01-2013 07:17 PM




I'm working in Autodesk Simulation Mechanical and I have an I-beam which I'm constraining at the ends and applying a load (distributed and a point)  to the top surface of the beam. I only want to apply the distributed load from one edge up to a certain length of the top surface (not the entire surface) and the point load at any point on the surface. How do I go about doing this?


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Re: Applying Loads to A Beam

12-02-2013 10:45 AM in reply to: sdblacke
Hi Shawn,

How are you modeling the beam (what kind of elements are you using)? Are you using beam elements (lines), a solid representation of the beam (using brick elements), or a surface/midplane model (using plate elements)? Depending on which elements you are using, will have different answers.


James Kubli

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Re: Applying Loads to A Beam

05-14-2014 07:29 PM in reply to: KubliJ

i used autodesk simulation student version.my problem is, how to create distributed load on the flat structure.in my case is pallet structure..i want to test on 10000N distributed load.


Thanks in advance.




bill lah

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Re: Applying Loads to A Beam

05-16-2014 06:35 AM in reply to: billah91

After defining the element type to be beam, you select the lines that you want to load ("Selection > Select > Lines") and apply the load ("Setup > Beam Loads > Beam Distributed Load").

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