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Applying a load until peak stress?

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07-29-2013 04:02 PM

Hi all,


I have a part that I'm loading in tension and I'd like to simulate a tensile test. I'd like to load the part at a displacement rate of 0.1 in/min until a target von mises stress value is reached. How do I go about doing this? I'm new to ASM so bare with me...


On a related note, if I run a simulation, is it possible to have a load curve genreated that plots max stress vs displacement?




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Re: Applying a load until peak stress?

07-30-2013 05:56 AM in reply to: mdowns8357



For the first part, you cannot easily have the analysis stop once a certain stress has been obtained. Therefore, you just need to apply a prescribe displacement and pull far enough so that you are certain that the stress result will be achieve at some time during the analysis. (Although not entirely the same as what you are doing -- and what tutorial is ever the same as what you are doing -- search the help for "Build a cantilever beam". This will locate the step-by-step Example that uses prescribe displacements. It is similar enough that you should be able to setup your analysis.)


When you select multiple nodes in the Results environment, right-click, and choose "Edit Graph", you will get a dialog with an option where you can choose to plot the "maximum", "minimum", "sum", and other options. Obviously, you want to use the maximum (or maximum magnitude). This will create a graph of the result that you are currently viewing versus time. Since your load is a prescribe displacement, there is a direct relation between the displacement and time. So you could leave the graph as stress versus time, or export the data to a spreadsheet and replace the time with the displacement.


Alternatively, you can replace the time axis with another result, such as the displacement. I do not remember the capabilities of this option, but it is simple enough that you will find out if it will work for you by playing with it. I suggest that you read the page "Graph Results of Analyses" in the Help.

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