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Allowable stress in PipePAK

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04-24-2012 02:02 AM



I'm using an older version of PIPEPAK and I have the following problems:

the allowable stress calcultaed by the software is much greter that the one calculated as per  ASME B 31.1 or EN 13480-3. moreover the difference between allowable stress in B31.1 and EN 13480-3 is very big (for the same material and parameters).

is there any way to input manually the allowable stress?


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Re: Allowable stress in PipePAK

06-06-2012 01:35 PM in reply to: Mihai_E

I suspect you are examining the allowable stress for the (DW + P + T) load case or (Sustained + Thermal) load case.  You will find that the (DW + P) or "Sustained" load case allowable stress should be correct, and the "Thermal" load case allowable stress should also be correct.  The "DW + P + T" allowable is an Algor assumption of the sustained allowable plus the thermal allowable.  It should be noted that the model is not compliant, unless it is below the allowable stress for ALL load cases.  Passing any one load combination will not in itself indicate whether the system is compliant to ASME B31.1 or EN13480.  Please let me know if you have further questions.

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