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AGSDB error

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04-25-2013 02:33 PM



For some reason, I keep getting the following error when trying to perform a linear static stress analysis:


"AGSDB Error: Record not found for query 'Linear Stress.Global.Loadcase.Count' "


Could somebody please help me identify the source of this error and/or how to fix it?

The analysis ends complete, but I am not able to view any results. 


(I am currently using only 1 load case)


I'd really appreciate the help.





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Re: AGSDB error

04-25-2013 05:33 PM in reply to: priyashanmugam

Well, AGSDB is the database that is used to keep Model data. It appears that your model database is somehow corrupted.


The databases are usualy located in the directory Studyname_data\N\ds.mod\ *.dbf where Studyname is the name of the study (e.g. fem file), N is the case number. The database you are interested in is model.dbf, you can open e.g using Microsoft Excel, if the file is correct it should include a raw with "LinearStress.Global.Loadcase.Count" in the first position and the correct number of load cases in the second position.


You can try to fix the problem manually by editing the database but beware that if the database is corrupted many other things can be brocken.


You can try to fix the loadcase problem by adding another loadcase, maybe the GUI would automatically fix the number of load cases in the database.

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Re: AGSDB error

04-26-2013 12:36 PM in reply to: Alex.Bakharev

Thank you very much for the explanation. That was my guess too, that there was something wrong with the model database. But before I opened those files and messed with them, I tried to give the age-old universal solution a shot,i.e, I opened, ran and saved the file over and over again for a number of times (atleast 3). and voila! It worked. and the results are correct.

Guessing something weird was happening, which kind of fixed itself when I saved the file and ran it again (WITH ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES DONE)